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Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases

VIII Conference of Female Researchers in Rare Diseases

Recently, on February 12th, we have celebrated the Conference of Female Researchers in Rare Diseases, eighth edition. In front of an audience of more than two hundred people, patient associations and researchers have presented their work. This year the following have participated: Bàrbara Congost, Andrea del Valle, María Miranda, Susana Navarro, Giovanna Tejada, María José Rangel, Edna Ripollés, Herminia Argente, and Judit García-Villoria. Speeches were focused on Huntington disease, retinitis pigmentosa, anaemias, spastic paraplegia, Wilson’s disease, peripheral neuropathies and rare metabolic diseases. A great day! Thanks to the speakers for their participation and to the large audience for coming once again to the Príncipe Felipe Research Center. We will continue working to better understand rare diseases!